Pitcairn Island 2012
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  • Equipment

    We plan to operate three stations (with a fourth station as a spare) close to the highest point on Pitcairn. Given the difficulties in getting large amounts of heavy equipment to the island, we plan to use lightweight but high performance K3 transceivers and a mixture of amplifiers including two lightweight medium power THP amplifiers.



    4 x Elecraft K3/100

    4 x Microham MK2 interfaces



    1 x Alpha 76A

    1 x Tokyo Hy-Power HL1.1Kfx

    1 x Tokyo Hy-Power HL550Kfx

    1 x Ameritron ALS500M



    20/17/15/12/10m: 2 x Spiderbeam 5 bands on 10m aluminium masts + 1 x VDA (Vertical Dipole Array) for each band

    30m: 1/4 wave vertical (with 10m fibreglass pole)

    40m: 1/4 wave vertical (with Spiderbeam 12m pole)

    80m: 1/4 wave vertical (with Spiderbeam 18m pole)

    160m: 1 x Inverted-L (with Spiderbeam 26m pole)

    LF RX:  2 x Beverages for 160m and 80 (1 for EU/US, 1 for JA)