Pitcairn Island 2012
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    (48) Sam Nordenstrom
    Wed, 11 January 2012 07:09:24 +0000

    Brings back many fond memories when I was a r/o and we used to stop by at Pitcairn enroute Panama to ZL. Met Tom VP6TC on many occations together with many others that came out to our ship.

    (47) Tim Havens
    Mon, 9 January 2012 22:28:19 +0000

    Need you guys on 6m if possible?

    (46) israel
    Mon, 9 January 2012 00:00:59 +0000

    good luck in the dxexpedition 73swp4gbl israel

    (45) Bob
    Sun, 8 January 2012 18:23:54 +0000

    Best wishes on your trip and operations !

    Any chance to also include 6M ? There have
    been openings to E51 / ZL / VK recently....

    Bob W5XC

    (44) Mike
    Sun, 8 January 2012 13:27:59 +0000

    I emailed a few months back asking about 6m operations and never rec'd a reply. I see you don't have a 6m antenna, nor frequency listed. The cycle is on the upswing, and I don't have to tell you how rare VP6 would be on 6m. I understand there is already a 5el beam on the Island. At the very least, your 40m 1/4WL vertical might load up on 6m.
    Can I please request that some effort be put into 6m when you have a spare op/rig ? Maybe run a beacon when the rig is not in use? Something?!
    Thanks very much - it would be greatly appreciated.

    dit dit Mike VE9AA

    (43) Tom
    Sun, 8 January 2012 08:21:14 +0000

    Good luck with the trip, you are in for a blast!! Pitcairn island and its people are truly fantastic!
    I operated there in 2007 as vp6td and would return if possible.
    Good Luck and enjoy the pileups

    (42) Robert Love
    Sun, 8 January 2012 04:27:51 +0000

    Good luck!!! Hope to make contact with you. Pitcairn Island and its history has been a favorite subject of mine since the early 1960's. Enjoy your stay there and again GOOD LUCK!

    Robert Love KE5FNA
    Greenville,Mississippi USA

    (41) 9W2WF
    Sun, 8 January 2012 03:17:42 +0000


    Good luck to all dxpedition team, hope i can work with you from Pitcairn.


    (40) Wanda LeBlanc-Cochee
    Sat, 7 January 2012 21:32:51 +0000

    Wishing you good sailing! I would like to keep up and in touch with your expetition.

    (39) Larry
    Sat, 7 January 2012 00:50:27 +0000

    Looking forward to working you guys qrp from Texas.

    Gravatar (38) Manolo
    Wed, 4 January 2012 23:25:37 +0000

    Hello everyone and happy activation, I hope to work them many times, and 73 dx greetings from La Palma. Canaries. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE GROUP
    Manolo EA8DO

    (37) Al - N1API
    Wed, 4 January 2012 20:59:34 +0000

    GL on your DXpeidtion, hope to work you on CW, RTTY and SSB on 20, 17, 15 and 12.

    Gravatar (36) iz8bgy
    Mon, 2 January 2012 11:27:33 +0000

    Congratulations for your future shipping. I hope to log on, in the meantime we continue to advertise on our site

    (35) ON6CC
    Mon, 2 January 2012 10:14:53 +0000

    Good luck guys! It's gonna be rough with 3 expeditions going on at the same time. Being one of the TN2T team members

    73's Marc

    (34) Marc-Andre, VE2EVN
    Thu, 29 December 2011 02:46:47 +0000

    Best of luck on the Dxpedition.

    I will try to reach you on HF either under my callsign or the Concordia University callsign, VE2CUA.

    Looking forward to seeing Gilles at the Feb. MARC meeting. :)

    73 de Marc-Andre, VE2EVN